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Coming this spring…the Ottawa Parent & Child Expo

on January 15, 2016

mini-pop-jojoDo you remember the Mini-Pops?? OK, I’m dating myself here, but I totally remember listening to the Mini-Pops record with friends when I was a kid in the 80s! Flashback!

Guess what? They’re still around (the songs have been, um, slightly updated, of course!) and they’re coming to Ottawa. Now, if you’re like me, you already have your eyes on the horizon for fun things to do this spring. What if I told you that you could check out the Mini-Pops and MORE (I know, I know…hard to imagine more, right??) at the 2016 Ottawa Parent & Child Expo?

In all seriousness, the Ottawa Parent and Child Expo is a fun event for parents and the kids, and a nice way to kick off the spring. When the snow melts, everyone seems to come out of hibernation. With kids – especially very young kids – it gets exponentially easier to get outside, get active and take in fun events around Ottawa. The expo is taking place at the Nepean Sportsplex from April 16-17.

For parents, the expo features about 100 different exhibitors, offering all sorts of parenting information from toddlers through to the teenage years. Talk with area experts about education, French immersion and tutoring options. Find out about summer camps and child care choices for the upcoming summer – or consider sport and music registration options. Find tips on family health and wellness, and shop new products and gifts.

Expo_Banner_2x6inKids can explore the Gymnastics Try-It Playzone and other fun, interactive areas. Create something silly at the Play-Doh Play Centre – and they’ll want to get their faces painted, too (what kid doesn’t??). For little ones, there will be a meet-and-greet with Dora the Explorer and Diego*. If you’ve already survived the Dora stage and your kids are older, they might want to check out the Mini-Pop Kids LIVE on the mainstage.

For $12 for a family of four, it’s bound to provide some fun and entertainment for the day. Plus – visit – and you’ll find a coupon for $2 off. Hopefully, this year’s expo will put a little “pop” – or a Mini-Pop – into your family’s spring schedule.

* Note: A limited number of tickets to go on stage with Dora or Diego will be distributed daily, free with price of admission to the Expo, on a first come, first served basis!

5 responses to “Coming this spring…the Ottawa Parent & Child Expo

  1. I have no idea why I can’t remember the mini-pops?? 😉 that’s really strange..I grew up in the 80s but, I was a teen by the mid 80s, so perhaps I was too old when it came out (that’s my only explanation for my bad memory). This looks like a great expo though, I might check it out with friends and their little ones.

    • Ha ha!! Maybe you blocked it out because the memory was too painful?? I’m sure my singing and dancing to the record was! Yes, should be a great event! 🙂

      • ha ha I know mine was too! My parents finally hid my Corey Hart albums because there sick of my singing along with him over and over (and not very well either! haha). Ah, the good ol’ days!

  2. Meredith says:

    Ha! I loved the Mini-Pops too. I’m hoping the songs and the singers have been updated. 😉 Mini-Ma&Pops doesn’t have the same appeal does it? 😉 xo

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