The Mother of Adventure

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The Mother of Adventure was conceived in 2012 as I prepared to embark on a month-long trip to London, England with my husband and our two young daughters. Initially, my idea was to build a collection of useful information for parents embarking on travel with their children, based on my own family’s adventures ‘on the road.’

Soon, however, I began to find that definition for the site a bit confining. After all, adventures with our families happen all the time – they are not merely contained to trips and holidays, right? Anyone who is a parent understands that each day with kids is a whole new adventure.

So I have let the site grow…adding posts about activities that we’ve done right here in Ottawa (‘Ottawa-based Adventures’) and even fun food ideas (‘Edible Adventures’). Not every post is directly linked to kids, but my hope is that many parents will relate to them.

Since mothering is such a unique experience, I like to invite a select number of fellow mothers and professional writers to add their voices to the site. The result is a blend of diverse viewpoints and writing styles that offer up some well-rounded perspective on your next destination – whether that’s on another continent, in your own city or simply in your own kitchen. If you’re interested in contributing, please email me at:

Happy reading…and happy parenting!

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