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Family Advent Tradition

I’m very happy to include this great Christmas-themed post from Gwen! Last year, Gwen shared several blog posts with us – including one of my personal faves about the Elf on the Shelf. Today, she tells us how to make a personal advent calendar to create Christmas memories with your family. What better thing to do on the very first day of this magical month??

By Gwen Leron, Contributing Blogger

Advent calendar 2One of the holiday traditions we look forward to each year is our family advent calendar. I’m not talking about the little advent calendars you buy at the store with a piece of chocolate hiding behind each window; this advent calendar contains holiday-themed activities that will create long-lasting memories.

I originally started this tradition after Andrea, from A Peek Inside the Fishbowl, blogged about it. This will be our fourth year doing the family advent and I am sure we will be doing it for a long time to come.

Each day, we open up the envelope containing the day’s activity (you can read how to make the envelopes in this post). The activities don’t have to all be Christmas themed or extravagant, just as long as it is something that everyone will enjoy. I even throw in some extra special things that aren’t usually done (like having hot chocolate with supper!). It’s all about creating fun moments.

These are the activities I came up with for this year:

  • Go to the library and borrow some Christmas books
  • Write letters to Santa
  • Buy a special ornament for this year’s tree
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Do a Christmas craft
  • Decorate your little Christmas trees
  • Write and mail Christmas cards
  • Bake some Christmas cookies
  • Visit Santa
  • Go Christmas shopping
  • Build a snowman
  • Have hot chocolate with supper
  • Buy food at the grocery store to donate to the food drive
  • Put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house
  • Buy a toy to donate to Toy Mountain
  • Visit Taffy lane
  • Read Christmas books for bedtime stories
  • Watch a Christmas movie before bed
  • Have a pizza picnic supper by the Christmas tree while watching a Christmas movie
  • Go tobogganing
  • Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn
  • Make paper snowflakes and decorate windows
  • Wrap presents
  • Put up stockings, put out Santa’s cookies, say goodbye to Andy go to bed early

This list is age appropriate for my children but each year, the list can change as they grow. If starting on December 1st is a bit too much for you, then by all means, start later in the month! The only rule here is that you have fun with it and create memories.


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