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Earth Day: Initiatives make it easier to be green

CompostingAs a salute to Earth Day this year, I wrote a feature for the Ottawa Citizen about composting. When our family visited a nearby St-Hubert franchise recently, I was impressed that the restaurant is keenly committed to composting absolutely all waste – they even have compostable cutlery. I spoke to the restaurant manager about these green initiatives, and also talked with Councillor Maria McRaie – who implemented our residential green bin program four years ago – about how we can improve habits in our own homes.

You can link to the full article, ‘Earth Day: Initiatives make it easier to be green’ here.

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Party favours (Ottawa Citizen)

11536207.JPGAs the food editor for Ottawa at Home magazine, Paula Roy clearly knows her way around the kitchen. Her blog site, Constantly Cooking, is one of my go-to spots for cooking and baking ideas. So when it came to writing about edible gifts for the holidays, it was just common sense to talk to the Kitchen Queen herself…and she didn’t disappoint!

If you need a quick and tasty treat to take to that holiday dinner, check out her great ideas in this Ottawa Citizen feature article, Party favours, printed in the Dec. 19, 2013 issue.

Sworn off sweets after over-indulging this Christmas? Be sure to bookmark these recipes for next year – the chocolate-covered pretzels are not to be missed!


Sweet construction (Ottawa Citizen)

11539201.JPGSince gingerbread is such a quintessential part of Christmas, this December was the perfect time to talk to Catherine Beddall of Catherine’s Cakery in Ottawa. I can’t say whether the smell of fresh gingerbread makes your mouth water, but I will guarantee that her award-winning gingerbread creations – entirely edible and handcrafted – will make your jaw drop.

Check out my feature article, Sweet Construction, printed in the Dec. 19th issue of the Ottawa Citizen.

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A holiday style worth sharing (Ottawa Citizen)

Birch bark candle holders are a DIY Christmas decorating project.

Birch bark candle holders are a DIY Christmas decorating project.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with home décor blogger Meredith Newberry for today’s feature in the Ottawa Citizen.

Newberry – along with her partner, Susan Sykes – muses about paint colours, decorating trends and all things stylish on their blog, Newberry Sykes.

In the article, Newberry inspires readers to decorate their homes – or create hand-crafted gifts for friends – with three DIY projects. Check out the full Citizen article for a list of materials and a step-by-step guide.

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