The Mother of Adventure

Meet my family

Whether we’re seeking new adventures on the road or just looking for something to do around home in Ottawa, I think it’s safe to say that my family is an eclectic collection of personalities. While our varied ages, passions and aversions can sometimes divide us, at the end of the day those differences only serve to inject more fun into our life’s adventures. Let’s make some brief introductions:


As a freelance journalist, I am blessed with the ability to write from anywhere and everywhere (‘Have laptop, will travel!’). Over the years, my feature writing has appeared in publications like the Huffington Post, Today’s Parent, Parenting Times and The Ottawa Citizen, among others. Since graduating from Carleton University with my Journalism degree, I have spent more than a decade working in media relations, marketing, editing and everything in between.


In his past life, Ian worked as a television sports reporter for Sportsnet – covering the Ottawa Senators and other events such as the 2012 Olympics in London, the FIFA World Cup in Germany and multiple Stanley Cup Finals. He travelled a ton (and we all benefitted from those frequent travel miles!) but after more than a decade on the road, we decided he was missing too many adventures on the home front. These days, if you’re a sports fan in Ottawa, you’ll likely recognize Ian’s distinctive voice; that’s because he hosts the drive-home radio show on TSN 1200 every weekday afternoon.

Our family outside Buckingham Palace in London, England (2012).

Our family outside Buckingham Palace in London, England (2012).


A highly inquisitive ten-year-old girl, Elissa loves to explore. Whether she’s biting into an exotic fruit, visiting a new museum or travelling to unknown cities, our first-born is always game for an adventure. And should you need any help with Harry Potter trivia, Elissa’s your girl – she’s read the whole series at least a dozen times over.


Seven-year-old Lily is obsessed with dragons, yet too fearful to venture into her own basement unattended. Like a sweet-and-sour dish at your favourite Asian restaurant, Lily has many moods and interests that constantly keep her parents on their toes. She claims to be legally married to our tabby cat, Buster, and the two of them can often be found playing inside elaborate living-room cushion forts.

3 responses to “Meet my family

  1. Carolyn Cheer says:

    So nicely put Sonia. I love Lily’s description. These are great experiences for the kids and they will remember most of them, especially with a blogging mom and photos. It is so very nice to meet you and your family.

    • Thanks very much, Carolyn! I’m always writing anyway (and so is Ian!) so I don’t think the kids think much of it right now…but hopefully they’ll look back and enjoy the mementos someday.

  2. Hi Sonia, I think your blog is great! I would like to connect with you because I think there may be some good we can do for each other. It seems you and your family are having an international experience and this fits into a new Not For Profit organization I co-founded . I would like to suggest we connect via email.
    warm regards, Anthony… I have provided my blog for some background on who I am (I am new at this!)

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